TVC 30″ Single Parent – Franks Flooring 2012

I thought it would be good to show some of my process and take on how I approach a TV advert.

Late in 2011 YourFilm were approached by a client that they had a pre-existing relationship with. In the past, Franks Flooring had a particular style and feel to their TV ads. They felt that it was time to try a different approach as an update to their brand. The client felt they wanted to grow and change their perception to the public through a new style.

That was the brief. What can we do for a client that wants to change their public image.

It was an interesting challenge and many ideas were thrown around before deciding on the following concept.

Here is one of their old style ads, and the brief that we had to challenge:

And below is my pre-production and pitch work to the client:

Here is one of the final ads:

30″ TV Advert, Franks, “Single Parent” from Nathan Newman on Vimeo.

I’ve found that this approach really helps to paint a solid, visual impression of what the final ad will be like and helps the client to understand your intentions in the most concise way possible.

Let me know if you find this interesting or have any thoughts or comments on what you see!



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