Joseph Pierce – ‘A Family Portrait’

Joseph Pierce uses his own visual and psychological take on storytelling. His method is rooted in rotoscoping and involves filming live actors, printing out each frame, drawing and coloring every frame, and then scanning, recomposing and compositing the sequences digitally.

However, what is most eye catching (especially to the judges at festivals of late) isn’t just Joseph’s personal technique, but what he does to layer in even more characterisation and visual depth to key moments throughout his storytelling.

What does he do?

Joseph exposes the psychological undertones of the characters in each of his stories through surreal exaggerations.

For example, in his short film A Family Portrait (linked below), when the wife sniffs the husband for suspicious fragrances, her nostril expands to envelope his entire head. This visual exaggeration massively helps to accentuate key beats in telling the untold story. What is even more impressive is that this storytelling device almost acts as an insight to Josephs inner monolgue; his innermost thoughts on the story that he is telling.

Joseph, keep up the fantastic work!

A Family Portrait on Vimeo on Vimeo

via A Family Portrait on Vimeo.

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